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Which yoga practice is for you?

Are you looking to start yoga classes but unsure which style might be best for you?

Ultimately, any class with an experienced and knowledgeable teacher will be accessible and most of all, enjoyable! Our teachers will modify the practice to suit all individuals in the studio, so everyone can practise yoga at the level that’s most suited to them.

The Reach's regular scheduled classes cover a range of styles; Hatha & Vinyasa, Yin & Restorative, Ashtanga & Mysore and Pregnancy yoga. Here’s a rundown of what to expect at each. See which resonates with you, pop along and give it a go! They all deliver both physical and mental health benefits, regardless of which class you attend.

Our classes here in S11 are about more than yoga too; it’s about connecting with others and a space to truly be calm and connected to yourself. Don't forget to make the most of our free teas and treats when you attend class; Nicola’s homemade energy balls and vegan hot chocolate are the perfect pick-me-up!

Hatha and Vinyasa

Hatha and vinyasa yoga are centred around principles such as strength, balance and functional movement. They're amazing for your bone health, connective tissues, posture, muscles and metabolism. Plus, there's a level of aerobic work too! These classes are great for turning up, washing away the day so far and zoning into some gorgeous yoga flows.

Yoga classes to try:

Hatha yoga on Mondays at 6.15pm, and Tuesdays 9.30am

Vinyasa yoga on Tuesdays 6.30pm, Thursdays 5.45pm and Sundays 9.30am

Yin and Restorative

When practicing Yin, expect to hold postures and stretches for longer periods (minutes at a time) than you would in a vinyasa style class. Postures are typically all based on the ground; seated or lying and using props where helpful. The aim is to really lengthen muscles and connective tissues such as fascia, ligaments, bones and joints. Benefits include increased flexibility, calming effects on the nervous system, mobilising the whole body and improved circulation.

Restorative yoga is a less active form of stretching than Yin, and will often involve props, blocks and blankets for you to sink into soothing and relaxing asanas.

Yoga classes to try:

Yin Yoga on Tuesdays at 8pm

Ashtanga / Mysore

Looking for a challenge? Ashtanga will develop your whole body strength, balance and flexibility. It's perfect for enhancing levels of fitness to help you maintain everyday activities or complement sports and hobbies. An hour to truly delve into a moving meditation that will test the body. Mental muscles are also challenged to memorise the sequence of asanas!

Mysore is when everyone attending class practices Ashtanga yoga at their own pace. Perfect for each individual! The teacher can move around the class, therefore guiding you with 1-2-1 tuition to tweak and adjust your movements as you flow at your own speed.

Yoga classes to try:

Beginners Ashtanga on Tuesdays 6pm

Beginners Plus Ashtanga on Mondays 6pm and Thursdays 9.45am

Saturday Ashtanga & Chai on Saturdays 9.30am

Mysore on Tuesdays 6.30am, Wednesdays 10am and Sunday 9am


The aim of our pregnancy yoga classes is to support you mentally in your pregnancy to feel calmer, cope better with pregnancy ups and downs, accept bodily changes and be kinder to yourself as you travel on this unique journey. No experience of yoga is required, and pregnancy is a wonderful time to begin practice and explore mindful movement. You're welcome to join no matter what stage of pregnancy you are at.

Yoga classes to try:

Pregnancy Yoga on Mondays 7.45pm, Wednesdays 6pm & 7.45pm, Sundays 5.45pm.

Introductory Offer

If you’re new to The Reach make the most of our introductory yoga offer - £30 for 3 weeks of unlimited general classes. Attend 2 classes a week using the pass and it works out as only £5 per class! A great way to visit different classes / times and see which feels right for you.

Please do get in touch with us if there’s anything you need to know. Email or pop us a message on any of our social channels.

We hope to see you in the studio soon!



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