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Invest in you

I am so pleased to be able to offer a more holistic approach to our lived life experiences by bringing an eclectic mix of yoga therapies to the Reach.  


Using the skills that I have learnt, and am still learning, I am now offering the following therapies on a one to one basis.

Time to invest in yourself

We use Yoga therapy to help you meet your physical, emotional and mental needs.

The catalyst to that change is finding what you as an individual needs to support your healing,  opening the pathway for self-realisation.


As a yoga therapist I can help you on your journey to healing, working alongside you to help you become the expert of your needs.

So, what are you seeking?


  • Improving your current practice

  • Working on your specific yoga challenge 

  • Therapeutic yoga to assist with finding equilibrium for your mind and body


Restorative practice

  • Resting your mind and body

  • Brings you deep relaxation

  • Helps you find your inner calm and peace

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Sound healing

  • Aids your healing and transformation

  • Reduces your internal dialogue or mental chatter

  • Induces a state of meditation by calming your mind

  • Can help you recover after illness and traumas

  • Creates a state of relaxation and helps you release tension


Talking therapy/Counselling 

  • Offers you the chance to be listened to and heard

  • Gives you the chance to look at your problems from different perspective

  • Freedom to talk, shout, cry or think without judgment

  • Help you understand your problems and how you have the power to resolve them



  • Helps you focus and controlling attention, connecting to the here and now not past and future

  • Offers a greater sense and understanding of who you are as a person and personal acceptance

  • Helps you understand the transience of life

  • Assists you in becoming more open with ourselves and others

  • Brings you a sense of choice and new possibilities



  • Brings you an overall calming effect

  • Aids increasing your energy and boosting your immune system

  • Helps you cope with chronic pain and stress

  • Can improve your sleep and mood

  • Offers you enhanced concentration and insight into yourself

Is yoga therapy for you?

Yoga therapy can help in so many ways.  It may seem confusing, or you may be uncertain about what may help.  For an initial discussion about yoga therapy at the Reach and to book a one to one, please email me to discuss your needs.

Yoga Therapy Pricing
Time to invest in you

Initial discussion £30 

Ad-hoc One to One £65 per session

Six-week course of One to Ones £360 

For more information contact 

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