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Pregnancy & Postnatal at The Reach

Supporting Sheffield's women through their pregnancy, birth preparation, post natal recovery and baby classes has been a core aspect of YATR for a long time. 

From the moment you find out you're expecting to when you feel ready to hop back on the mat, we're here for you.

*NEW introductory rate* 4 x pregnancy classes for just £39! View the schedule

Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy yoga has been a staple of the studio for many, many years! Choose from our classes across 3 days of the week.

In our classes you can expect to:

  • Meet other women and build your 'mum-to-be' community.

  • Practice movement and breathwork that's perfect for pregnancy and birth preparation.

  • Enjoy sipping on a cuppa and topping up the energy levels with Nicola's homemade energy balls!

  • Find a little haven that you can come back to postnatally and for years to come. 

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Birth Rehearsal Workshops

Every month we hold a 4 hour birth rehearsal workshop. We love to run these! They’re fun, informative and the feedback we receive brings so much joy to our hearts. In a nutshell, these sessions are a test run for the day you give birth. 

The workshop offers your partner an opportunity to learn how to support you in the birth of your bundles of joy by learning;

  • Breathing through the birth

  • Birthing positions

  • Relaxation techniques and massage

The aim is to provide you with a toolkit that enables you to have a positive birth experience. 


Postnatal recovery (level 1)

Our 4 week postnatal courses are all about re-connecting with your body after the birth of your baby. You are welcome to join at any stage you feel ready; regardless of your birth experience. 

At these classes we focus on:

  • Pelvic floor health and building back postural alignment in a safe, structured way. 

  • Bringing movement to stiff areas of the body.

  • Time to breathe and connect with other new mums in a supportive and welcoming space. 

You are more than welcome to bring baby with you. The classes are run as a course but if there is space we welcome drop ins.


Postnatal recovery (level 2)

Re-engage and re-enliven those core muscles this 4 week postnatal course. During the classes, we look at correct methods to improve the whole core, including:


  • Functional movement

  • Engaging the pelvic floor

  • Good breathing techniques


Developing and maintaining a strong and functional core has so many benefits; from postural alignment to improving balance, pelvic floor health to stabilising the lower back...the list goes on!


Ideally suited to those who have completed our postnatal recovery course, or those who feel this would be suitable for them.


Mamas Back to Yoga

Feeling ready to hop back on the mat and find joy in yoga flows? 

This 4 week course is for mamas who feel they are ready to take their recovery to the next stage and introduce some regular movement into their routine.

As the title suggests, you can bring baby with you to class whilst you settle into yoga. It can be hard to carve out space for regular practice as a mama, so we introduced this course to create a dedicated time for you to move and enjoy.

Combining the social aspect of meeting other mamas, stimulation for little one and movement for you... it's the perfect all-in-one class!


Baby Massage (level 1)

We could sing about the positive effects of baby massage all day. We’ve been teaching baby massage for years at the studio and have new 4 week courses starting every month. Come join us! 

Massage is an effective tool to help relieve colic, reflux, gas and constipation. Babies feel so much comfort through touch, and the combination of massage and talking/singing is an amazing way to communicate.


You might read that babies should be calm, alert, and content for massage; but we know babies don't always tick those descriptions! So rest assured that however your little one feels during class, it doesn't matter - just being there with baby is sometimes all our mama students need.

Reach_BabyYoga-011 (2).jpg

Baby Massage (level 2)

These classes are ideal for those that have just completed the baby massage course and want to keep up with it!


We sing, we play, we enjoy - baby massage and baby yoga are combined in this class as two practices that compliment each other perfectly.


The class offers physical stimulation to your baby via touch and holding, the flowing movements of massage and yoga and the sound of your voice via praise.


This class is joyous and fun and encourages relaxation - we often get very sleepy babies by the end of the class!

Reach_BabyYoga-017 (2).jpg

Knackered Mums' Club

Calling all mamas old and new!


If you are exhausted and need a 'child holiday'. This day is for you.


As mamas ourselves, we know that time away from the coal-face is essential, so we invite you to 2 hours of 'you time' to rest and recharge your batteries.


Enjoy light tension freeing yoga practices, mindfulness, calming breathwork and a nourishing gong bath. 


Let us take the weight off of your mind for 2 hours and go home feeling like a new woman.


What our students say

"I attended pregnancy yoga during my last pregnancy, and throughout my current one. In between, I also attended postnatal yoga and baby’s massage… and I’ve honestly loved them all. When I discovered I was pregnant again, yoga was one of the things I was most looking forward to! Thank you 😊 "

"Most recently I’ve come to YATR for the pregnancy yoga with Michelle. The classes helped me feel strong, flexible and calm throughout my pregnancy. Michelle was a wonderful teacher- so positive and supportive!"

"The pregnancy sessions are exactly what I was looking for - I always feel taller and more relaxed when I leave and confident that the poses are pregnancy friendly and impactful. It also makes me want to do more at home to maintain the feeling!"



Pregnancy Yoga

Join us at our weekly pregnancy classes using our class passes:

£14 for a drop in class.
£60 for 5 x class passes
£115 for 10 x class passes.

You'll require a BSport account to book. Simply view the schedule and setup an account when prompted. 

4 Week Courses & Workshops


All of our postnatal courses are 4 weeks long, and cost £39.

Our Knackered Mums Club is £29 for 2 hours.

The Birth Rehearsal is £78 for 4 hours.


You'll require a BSport account to book. Simply view our workshops page and setup an account when prompted to book your space.  

Find out More

Take a look at our pregnancy & postnatal FAQs blog for all the information you could need.

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