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Restorative sound meditation

Slip into a deep relaxation at our gong bath experiences. Let the healing sound waves ​wash over you for a restorative and rejuvenating treatment. 


Gong baths have been used for thousands of years and from our Sheffield studio you can find out why they stand the test of time!

What are gong baths?

Gong baths are a great way to achieve a state of mediation without having to actively 'do' or concentrate on getting there.  They're referred to as a bath because you are immersed in the sound and vibrations that come from the striking of the gong.


They've been used for thousands of years due to their healing benefit; testament to the effect they have on those who experience them. Aside from being completely relaxing, a gong bath can produce emotional release. You'll likely feel calmer, happier and less anxious after just one gong bath.

During a gong bath experience you will get comfortable on the mat, usually lying down with props and blankets. As the gong is struck it will begin softly, with gentle vibrations that soothe the soul and calm the nervous system. Through the session the gong bath will become louder with more intense vibrations, before settling to a gentle level again towards the end. 

Many students simply fall asleep while others remain awake in a state of deep relaxation. It's amazing just how restorative this can be. The sensation of the vibrations through your body is a completely unique sensation that resonates with nearly everyone who experiences it. 

Take a look at the workshops and classes below that include a gong bath meditation.

Mindfulness & Gong Experience

Helping you find inner peace, a happy heart and a present mind. Please come dressed for bed for this amazing experience!


During the experience we will take time to deeply connect with ourselves through our self through a self-inquiring mindfulness practice. 


We then take time to comfort and release ourselves mentally and emotionally through the powerful healing vibrations of the gong. Inner peace, happy hearts and present minds are what we are aiming for with this class!

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Kundalini Yoga & Gong Relaxation

Kundalini yoga uses movement, postures, dynamic breathing techniques, body locks, meditation, and mantra to build physical vitality and increase consciousness.

It balances the glandular system, strengthens the nervous system, expands lung capacity and purifies the blood to bring the mind, body and soul into balance.

Combining this with a restorative gong bath is the perfect start to a weekend. You'll leave feeling refreshed, revitalised and completely calm.

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Knackered Mums' Club

Calling all mamas old and new! 


If you are exhausted and need a 'child holiday'. This day is for you.


As mamas ourselves, we know that time away from the coal-face is essential, so we invite you to 2 hours of 'you time' to rest and recharge your batteries.


Enjoy light tension freeing yoga practices, mindfulness, calming breathwork and a nourishing gong bath. 


Let us take the weight off of your mind for 2 hours and go home feeling like a new woman.


What our students say

"Feel utterly relaxed and revived after attending the knackered mums club. It was such a lovely experience, very friendly leaders who made me feel comfortable. It was a really nice mix of different practices and the reiki was a great addition. I would thoroughly recommended to any mum. Thank you."


"The mindfulness and gong bath were absolutely blissful, and the addition of the reiki and brownie (which were not advertised as part of the session) felt like lovely, indulgent bonuses. "

"I can safely say that is the most relaxed I've felt in a long time. I usually find it so hard to 'switch off' and my mind is always racing but without even trying I just felt so calm a few minutes into the gong bath. The homemade vegan hot chocolate was the perfect way to finish the class too!"

Gong Bath Pricing

Class Prices

Join us at our gong bath experiences for just £14 (1 hour workshop pass).

Spend 2 blissful hours at Knackered Mums for £29 (2 -  4 hour workshop pass).

Kundalini can be booked using any of our class passes:

£14 for a drop in class.
£60 for 5 x class passes
£115 for 10 x class passes. 

Group booking offer


Book a private gong bath session and receive your space free of charge! 


Enjoy the peace of the studio with your friends or family at a private group class. We require minimum 6 in the group to book the session.

Perfect for a birthday treat, get together or just because! 

 To book, contact 

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