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Which style of yoga is for me?

Here at The Reach, our scheduled classes fall under Hatha, Ashtanga, Restorative and Mindfulness practices.


It can be tricky to know which is a best-fit for you. So read on to find out more about each.

Hatha & Vinyasa

Find your flow and ease into mindful movement.

Hatha and vinyasa yoga are centred around principles such as strength, balance and functional movement. They're amazing for your bone health, connective tissues, posture, muscles and metabolism. Plus, there's aerobic work involved too!

Classes will usually start with a gentle warm up, followed by the flow through asanas, and end with a soothing meditation. 

If you're a yogi that prefers a faster paced, more dynamic style of flow, then opt for vinyasa. 


Ashtanga & Mysore

Better than a cup of coffee for that much needed energy boost.

Looking for a challenge? Ashtanga will develop your whole body strength, balance and flexibility. It's perfect for enhancing levels of fitness to help you maintain everyday activities or complement sports and hobbies.


An hour to truly 'zone out' into a moving meditation that will test the body. Mental muscles are also challenged to memorise the sequence of asanas!


Best of all? Absolutely anyone can learn Ashtanga; regardless of experience.


Restorative & Yin

The perfect antidote to a busy lifestyle.

Yin works deep into the body's tissues and joints to lengthen and strengthen. This is achieved by holding passive poses for up to 5 minutes at a time. Expect to feel sensation as you stretch deeply; breathing through each stretch to relax as your tissues lengthen and energy begins to flow more freely through your body.

Restorative yoga allows for a deep relaxation into each asana, often using props to sink into each pose with ease. 


Yin and restorative classes are great for reducing blood pressure and heart rate, and inviting a sense of calm and meditation. 



Let the mind slow, thoughts pass, and focus on the present.

We often hear about the benefits of mindfulness, but how do we begin to become 'mindful' ourselves?


It is a skill that can be learned. It involves recognising how the brain works and training it, becoming more accepting, embodied and present.

Learning under the guidance of a teacher is a great way to develop your own 'mindfulness toolkit'. Ready to use whenever you need it. Why not try one of our gong bath experiences to start your mindfulness journey. 


Pregnancy & Postnatal Yoga

Supporting Sheffield's women through their pregnancy, birth preparation, post natal recovery and baby classes has been a core aspect of YATR for a long time. 

From the moment you find out you're expecting to when you feel ready to hop back on the mat, we're here for you. 

Take a look at our courses and classes; all created to see you through your journey from pregnancy to mama, and beyond. 

What our students say

"I love the on-line beginner plus ashtanga yoga on a Monday evening. The level is right for me, challenging but not impossible and I notice small improvements week by week. Nicola is a fantastic teacher, nothing goes un-missed.

"The studio itself is calm and peaceful place. Everyone is really friendly and welcoming and I really look forward to visiting to get away from it all."

"Nicola holds a brilliant kind open space to be yourself and learn. Positive high vibes where everyone is welcome. It’s so much about the inner journey as opposed to the perfect pose which is really refreshing as to me that’s the true nature of yoga..."

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