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Yoga from Pregnancy to Postnatal

Are you wondering when is the best time to start pregnancy yoga, or at what age to bring your little one to a baby massage class? We've compiled a list of FAQs to provide all the information you need for your pregnancy and postnatal journey at our Sheffield yoga centre.

Pregnancy yoga and our mum and baby post natal courses have been a staple part of the studio for years. Nicola, studio founder, began her pregnancy yoga training when students were expecting and she didn't want them to miss out on attending class.

We now offer the widest range and number of classes for pregnant mums and it's our mission to make pregnancy, birth and beyond a special and unforgettable time with our classes. We are honoured to nurture and support Sheffield's Mum community from our Ecclesall yoga studios.

Our highly trained teachers hold a wealth of experience and genuinely want our mums have the best births they can. The techniques taught in our classes always get amazing feedback and are the key to calm and successful births.

Browse through our FAQs to find out more. If there's anything you need to know simply contact us for a chat to see how we can help!

Pregnancy Yoga

From what gestation can I attend pregnancy yoga classes?

You are welcome to join us at class during any stage of your gestation. Each class begins with an opening circle to chat through how everyone is feeling and ensure the class is appropriate for all. Your teacher will provide options throughout the class to make sure everyone can participate within their level of comfort and ability. If you're feeling particularly exhausted (pregnancy fatigue can hit hard!) in those first few months, or suffering with pelvic girdle pain as your bump develops, your teacher will guide you through the session with modifications to make the class work for you. After all, every pregnancy is different!

Can I join other yoga classes, like hatha or vinyasa, during my pregnancy?

How much of a workout are the pregnancy yoga classes?

Do I need yoga experience to attend pregnancy yoga?

Can I give one class a go before committing to regular practice?

Birth Rehearsal

When during my pregnancy is it best to attend the Birth Rehearsal workshop?

The best time to attend a birth rehearsal is around late second trimester / early third trimester. You need to leave at least a few weeks before due date to put those breathing techniques into regular practice!

How much does this cost and does the price include bringing my birth partner?

We have older children, can they come with us to the workshop if we're unable to get childcare?

Postnatal Courses

What postnatal courses do you offer for mum and baby?

You can find the full listings over on our workshops page, but here's a rundown of the courses we regularly run for Sheffield Mums and babies:

  • Postnatal recovery. The first step back to re-aligning and re-connecting with your body after birth.

  • Postnatal recovery core revitalisation. A step up from our postnatal recovery, this focuses on continuing to strengthen and stabilise your core.

  • Mamas and babas back to yoga. Regular yoga practice for Mums who feel ready to enjoy some yoga flows and experience more of a workout.

  • Baby massage. A wonderful bonding experience for pre-crawling babies. Learn techniques to soothe your little one and help relieve common complaints such as trapped wind and colic.

  • Knackered mums club. A 2-hour relaxation experience for mums with children of any age! A mini child holiday and digital detox to reset and recharge using yoga, mindfulness practice and a soothing gong bath.

How much do the courses cost and how do I book on?

Why is BSport showing me a pack instead of the course price?

How soon after birth (vaginal or C- section) can I attend postnatal recovery?

Do I have to do the postnatal courses in order, or can I attend whichever feels right for me at the time?

At what age can babies come along to the postnatal courses?

What do I need to bring to classes?

My baby is older than 6 months but I'd like to get back into exercise, which course is the best for me?

I have older children at home on the days of the courses, is there a way I can still attend?

Hopefully that covers all you need to know, but do get in touch if you need any more information or have questions about booking. In the meantime, we'll leave you with some lovely words from our pregnancy and postnatal students 💚

"I attended pregnancy yoga during my last pregnancy, and throughout my current one. In between, I also attended postnatal yoga and baby’s massage… and I’ve honestly loved them all. When I discovered I was pregnant again, yoga was one of the things I was most looking forward to! Thank you 😊 "

"Nicola, is the reason I keep coming back - she is incredible. Her care for pregnant women and new mums is unmatched by anyone. Her studio is vibrant and I love to attend. When I enter I feel at home, like I can take a big breath. I love yoga with Nicola and cannot recommend her and this studio enough."

"Most recently I’ve come to YATR for the pregnancy yoga with Michelle. The classes helped me feel strong, flexible and calm throughout my pregnancy. Michelle was a wonderful teacher- so positive and supportive!"

"I'm not currently attending any classes but have done pregnancy, baby yoga, pregnancy again, postnatal and baby bells and gongs. I come back because pregnancy yoga was the best thing I did during my pregnancy - it meant I had two labours (both very different) where I only had a small amount of pain relief and managed the rest with the breathing techniques. ... Nicola's knowledge of pregnancy, labour and the post natal period is helpful in a way I didn't know I needed until I had it!

It's also reassuring when needed. I made some mum-to-be friends in pregnancy yoga first time and we would regularly meet up once the babies were born, and still see some of them now and again and those babies are now 4! "

"The pregnancy sessions are exactly what I was looking for - I always feel taller and more relaxed when I leave and confident that the poses are pregnancy friendly and impactful. It also makes me want to do more at home to maintain the feeling!"

"I've loved going to Nicola's postnatal yoga classes at the Reach, for my first child 5 years ago and again now! The post natal level one was very nurturing and gentle, perfect for the first stages of recovery after birth"


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