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Breathing techniques to help you with your birth

I am speaking from experience. I practiced yoga and ujjayi breathing throughout my pregnancies. I also taught and practiced the breathing techniques I teach my pregnant mum’s in my pregnancy yoga classes today, throughout my pregnancies.

I used the counted breath technique and managed to birth both boys successfully at home by using the breath, a tens machine and the help of my amazing husband. That was just me.

From the feedback that I have received from my lovely students, the overwhelming feedback is – "it was the breath that got me through".

I have written a small book so that you and your birthing partner can learn the breathing techniques together. The aim is that you practice together before the big day.

If you can’t get to a pregnancy yoga class or one of our partner birth rehearsal classes, please contact me about buying a book. They are available for sale at our studio Yoga at the Reach on Ecceslall Road, Sheffield, S11 or I can post you out one.

Here is a little snippet and I will be posting the rest up in my blog shortly.

Breathing’s, just breathing, right?

So to breathing and practicing. Firstly, think about breathing in isolation, and the different types of breathing you can imagine. There are so many ways in which we breathe, from the soft and gentle breathing we make when we are asleep, through to the heaving, raspy breaths one may imagine having just finished a marathon! What do you imagine your partners breathing will be like in birth? Like something out of the movies? If you are happy and inclined to research, take a look at something like YouTube or perhaps watch one of the many programmes about birth now on television. These are ideal research resources should you wish to use them.

I will be serialising the book on the blog. Please feel free to contact me for more information.

Why not find out more by attending our Pregnancy Yoga classes, or one of our Birth Rehearsal workshops


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