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NEW Introductory rate - 4 pregnancy yoga classes for £39!
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Pregnancy Yoga

A wonderful time to start yoga, connect with other mums-to-be in the area and empower yourself to achieve a truly positive birth experience.

Our journey into pregnancy yoga

Pregnancy yoga started at The Reach when students who became pregnant didn't want to stop practicing with us. 


Not being able to practice wasn't going to be an option so... the pre and post natal training took place and hip hip hooray, pregnancy yoga at The Reach was born (pun intended)!


Since then we've been teaching pre and post natal classes for years, and have met so many amazing students and gorgeous babies along the way. 


If you're looking for pregnancy yoga, post natal recovery, or mum and baby classes then come and join our amazing mums community at our Sheffield yoga studio in S11.

Why come to pregnancy yoga?

The aim of pregnancy yoga classes is to support you mentally in your pregnancy to feel calmer, cope better with pregnancy ups and downs, accept bodily changes and be kinder to yourself as you travel on this unique journey. No experience of yoga is required, and pregnancy is a wonderful time to begin practice and explore mindful movement.


You're welcome to join no matter what stage of pregnancy you are at. We also offer Birth Rehearsal workshops; a 4 hour workshop for you and your partner to learn techniques that will help through birth.

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Meet Nicola, Studio founder

"I started teaching pregnancy yoga very early on as so many of the women I taught were getting pregnant and I felt I needed to be qualified to really teach them safely (having pregnant women with babies on-board in yoga classes is a massive honour as far as I am concerned). 


Being pregnant is a totally unique time and I really enjoy being there to support ladies on that journey - ohh and I love babies!" - Nicola

Nicola teaches our pregnancy yoga classes alongside our other wonderful and highly qualified studio teachers.


Birth & Beyond

From the moment you find out you're expecting, we welcome you on your journey into motherhood. We don't stop at pregnancy yoga; we're here to support Sheffield Mum's through the fourth trimester and beyond.

Regardless of how you deliver your baby, you can join us when ready at our postnatal recovery. Bring your baby to our ever-popular baby massage courses and ease yourself back into regular exercise at our mamas back to yoga classes. 


When you're ready to spend a little time away from the coal-face of being a mum, enjoy our 2-hours of child-free relaxation at our Knackered Mums Club.  


What our students say

 "Nicola, is the reason I keep coming back - she is incredible. Her care for pregnant women and new mums is unmatched by anyone. Her studio is vibrant and I love to attend. When I enter I feel at home, like I can take a big breath. I love yoga with Nicola and cannot recommend her and this studio enough."

 "Most recently I’ve come to YATR for the pregnancy yoga with Michelle. The classes helped me feel strong, flexible and calm throughout my pregnancy. Michelle was a wonderful teacher- so positive and supportive!"

"I attended pregnancy yoga during my last pregnancy, and throughout my current one. In between, I also attended postnatal yoga and baby’s massage… and I’ve honestly loved them all. When I discovered I was pregnant again, yoga was one of the things I was most looking forward to! Thank you 😊 "

Pregnancy Yoga Pricing

Class Prices

You can drop in to classes using our passes:


£14 for a drop in class.

£60 for 5 x class passes

£115 for 10 x class passes.


You can use these passes across any of our weekly scheduled classes! 


If you're new to the studio, opt for our £30 for 3 weeks introductory pass. If you attended just 2 classes per week that's only £5 per class!

Birth & Beyond


Birth Rehearsal Workshop (4 hours) £78

All postnatal courses: £39 for 4 weeks 

Knackered Mums Club £29

Want to book a postnatal course for just you and your friends? Contact to discuss private course and workshop bookings. Minimum 6 required.

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We couldn't have said it better!

Michelle, pregnancy yoga teacher, says of the classes: 


"I just love the energy and mutual respect in a room of pregnant women and mothers. I truly believe that yoga can play such a crucial part in achieving a positive birth, however that might look, by helping women feel prepared in both body and mind.


By using functional yoga movements and breathing techniques, the body can feel more comfortable through pregnancy, birth and postnatally.


I feel so incredibly lucky to be a part of this beautiful life changing journey for women, watching their bumps grow and then return as baby’s at postnatal yoga is just so special.

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