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Ashtanga as a lifelong practice

As well as being the perfect way to boost your energy for the day ahead, Ashtanga is a lifelong yoga practice. Here, we explain what it is, what you gain from the practice and how to get started.

What is Ashtanga yoga?

Ashtanga yoga follows a series of postures that flow into one another, synchronising with the breath. The same set of postures are repeated at each practice to form a series - the Ashtanga Primary Series. Following the defined sequence of poses is important to gain the most out of practice.

It's a fantastic way to build strength and flexibility, whilst also calming the mind as a moving meditation. Each week, you build on what you've learned the previous week. Ashtanga practice is forever evolving as you take each asana a little further.

“After each session you'll feel like you've worked, but also experience a sense of calm and rejuvenation.” - Nicola, YATR founder.

As a practice, it's perfect for keeping the whole body in a state of balance. This enables you to stay active for as long as possible. Whether sports, gardening, running or hiking - ashtanga taps in to all the muscle groups to provide a full body activity.

The best part? It's open to everyone, no matter your fitness, strength, flexibility or age!

Have you ever googled Ashtanga? If you have, and been a little taken aback by what you’ve seen…don’t be! You won’t be asked or expected to balance on your arms with your legs over your head from day 1. When you learn with us you start from the beginner basics; accessible to absolutely everyone. You don’t have to be flexible, you don’t have to be a spring chicken and you don’t have to be fit as a fiddle.

How is Ashtanga accessible to truly everyone?

Are you wondering how Ashtanga can be open to anyone, regardless of ability? It's through the use options for every asana. The images you see of legs bent over heads and challenging balancing poses are the result of starting with the foundation, and building on this over time. For each asana in the series, our teachers demonstrate a variety of options. As you gain strength, flexibility and stability, you will find your asanas deepening and new options becoming possible.

What will you gain from attending class?

You will:

  • Learn a full 90 minute yoga sequence

  • Develop a yoga toolkit of over 50 asanas

  • Be given options for every asana to match your ability

  • Receive 1-2-1 teaching in a class setting

  • Continually increase strength, stamina and flexibility

  • Be rewarded with tea & treats if you opt for the Saturday morning class!

Who will be your teacher?

Studio founder Nicola is Sheffield’s only KPJAYI authorised teacher. Our classes provide highly qualified teaching, for safe and effective yoga practice in a caring, nurturing environment. Nicola will guide you through the practice in a way that suits your body, creating a challenging class that caters to your physiology and ability.

If you love routine, progression and an activity that engages the whole body, then try Ashtanga!


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