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FREE Sheffield outdoor yoga returns!

Our FREE beautiful gardens outdoor yoga classes are back for 2023! These are ever popular so make sure you head over to our workshops page and book in quickly, before they fill up.

In others news, it's not long until the return of our regular workshops in May, and we're running a Spring Special just for new members in April.

Free yoga classes in Sheffield

Come join us at one of Sheffield's Beautiful Gardens! Once booked you'll receive the full details of where to find the session.

🌱 Spaces book up quickly and numbers are limited so we recommend booking asap. You must book in order to attend.

🌱 You'll need to bring your own yoga mat.

🌱 Everyone is welcome, no experience required.

🌱 Come rain or shine, we'll run the session. Of course, if this changes due to weather that just isn't feasible for an outdoor class, we'll let you know.

🌱 If you do register and then need to cancel, please make sure you cancel your booking so someone else can book in.

A group of yoga students stand in tree pose on their mats in a beautiful outdoor park space

Our courses and workshops re-start in May!

Our wonderful postnatal workshops and more are back in the studio from early May. You can find all the details on our workshops page, but here's a snapshot of what's coming up in May alone:

Silent reset retreat

A mini digital detox and time to connect with nature, yourself and enjoy stillness in silence.

Baby massage 4 week course

Our infant massage classes offer a soothing and calming way to bond with your baby and can bring many benefits to your baba such as helping relieve many common baba complaints such as colic, wind, reflux, poor digestion and sleeplessness.

Mamas back to yoga 4 week course

The next step up from post-natal yoga, the course is designed to re-introduce mamas to a regular yoga practice.

Beginners yoga 8 week course

This great course is for both beginners and anyone practicing other styles of yoga. Open to all – men and women of all ages. You do not have to be young, fit or bendy to start practicing yoga!

Postnatal recovery yoga 4 week course

Get your body back after the birth of your baby with our post natal recovery yoga course. This structured course aims to help get your body back into alignment after the birth of your baby using yoga techniques.

Postnatal recovery yoga core revitalisation (level 2) 4 week course

Please join us for this fab opportunity to revitalise, strengthen and stabilise your core muscles. Whether post baby or if your core has lost its zing – come and join this class!

Introduction to Iyengar yoga 4 week course

Join experienced Iyengar teacher, Nidhi, to build strength for the mind and body, vitality, wellness and reduce stress. Static poses are held during Iyengar yoga, in order to ensure safe and healthy alignment through the body. Using the props allows for exploration and awareness, with a real focus inward and sensitivity to your body.

Mindfulness & gong experience

Helping you find inner peace, a happy heart and a present mind through a mindfulness practice and healing gong bath sound meditation.

Birth rehearsal workshop

Ideally suited for couples who want to learn techniques to help themselves have a positive birth experience, our birth rehearsal is open to all.

Sat Nam experience

An opportunity to experience your own consciousness. Join us for this two-hour self-inquiry to start or deepen the process of understanding who you are, your truths and offering the mind, body and heart space to learn to be in the present, free from the past and the future.

Spring special offer for new students

Bring a friend with you to any of our weekly scheduled classes for free with our new student April offer. ​

Simply sign up using our £15 2-for-1 offer and book your chosen class. The pass will only be valid and available for use / purchase from 1st - 30th April 2023.

Email with the details of the lucky friend you'll be bringing with you and get excited for some fabulous yoga at our Ecclesall Studio.

Our regular classes include Ashtanga, Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative and Pregnancy yoga - there really is something for everyone.