Pregnancy Yoga

What you need to know about our classes first!

*We keep our classes small to ensure that you get the most out of them (no more than 20 ladies)
*Our pregnancy classes are tailor made to address your physical needs as they change week by week
*There is ample parking surrounding our studio as we are next to the Co-Op on Eccelsall Road
*You can try your first pregnancy yoga class for free and see what you think
*We offer different types of class passes and prices to suit your individual needs

We understand Mum’s to be as we are mum’s ourselves!

When mum’s-to-be practice yoga they generally find that they become healthier, in body, mind and outlook.

The body becomes more flexible, which enables you to better adapt to various positions that you may adopt when in labour, as well as using the natural ligaments elasticity, which in turn can help to reduce pain in the labour.

Preparing for the birth

Yoga helps to prepare mothers for their babies births – it encourages breath and body awareness, as we talk about the birth and labour, it helps to minimize birth concerns, teaches women to adapt to the wonderful changes that their bodies are going to go through and vitally, puts you in contact with other mums-to-be so you know that you are not alone.

Meet other mums to be

All classes are small, so that you get to know each other well and, in some cases, make life-long friends. The classes are light-hearted and enjoyable. We make everyone very welcome! It is now recognised that yoga is an ideal exercise for expectant mothers and has the backing of midwives and doctors as a recommended way to keep both fit and mobile.
Give it a try!

If you haven’t tried yoga before then doing so during your pregnancy will be a revelation! The use of yogic techniques can help women through their pregnancy with minimal discomfort, helping with the birth itself and beyond.



Saturday Pregnancy Yoga

Come join us for a leisurely start to the weekend with our amazing pregnancy yoga class.  As your mind and body changes, we will teach you yoga techniques to help you cope with change and prepare you for the next stage of your lives.  We always have the nicest students attending our pregnancy yoga classes and you are very welcome to join our happy throng!

Your class pass can be used in this class.

Starts Sat 3rd June 11:00-12:30

Pregnancy Relaxation Classes

These are a great opportunity to unwind and spend an hour focussing on the experience of being pregnant and connecting with your baby. This will be a very enjoyable time for you and the benefits for you and your baby are huge!

The central feature of the relaxation class is a lovely long blissful deep relaxation session. Each week the focus is on a common concern in pregnancy, such as healthy eating, good sleep, trusting your body, releasing anxiety, etc. All classes are designed to increase your belief and confidence in your ability to grow and birth your baby. There will always be time to chat to the other mums, to discuss and ask questions about anything birth or baby related or to share how you are feeling.

This is a course £30.Buy your pass here

Mon 18:30-19:30 (4 week course starts 5 June)


Yoga Prices

There are three options with our pregnancy yoga classes.

1). A flexible pass – a five session pass useable over an 8 week period at £40, you can buy your pass here .

2). A consecutive pass – a five week pass useable within 5 weeks of purchase at £36.00, you can buy your pass here.

3). A drop in rate is available for £9. Buy here

Not sure? Get in contact to book your first class free my emailing me – – thank you.