Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga focuses on the union of breath, mind and body through traditional yoga postures.

Encompassing pranayama (breath practice), meditation, and a balanced posture practice. In addition to exploring aspects of yoga theory and philosophy to introduce the ideas of presence and everyday mindfulness through regular yoga practice.

Hatha Flow Yoga

Get yourself ready for the weekend with a fun, energising class!

Combining the strength and flexibility of traditional yoga asana with a flowing Vinyasa style practice. Hatha Flow Yoga is suitable for beginners to intermediates the focus will be on integrity and safety in the practice, as well as connecting breath to movement. Each class will begin with a Pranayama, or breath practice, and meditation to focus and clear the mind, and end with a deep relaxation. The aim is a feeling of a full-body work-out with a calm, clear mind.


Rise and Shine Hatha Flow


This flow class, usually beginning with sun salutations to open and warm the body, before sequencing into an asana flow of classic Hatha poses including standing and balancing postures and inversions.  There will also be a strong focus on breath work to help to relax and de-stress the mind before you face the day. This class is suitable for all ages and abilities.

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Thurs 07:00-08:00 starts June 8th

Hatha Yoga for Inner Calm

Do you ever feel like you’re rushing around all the time, that you’re thinking too much, constantly planning, problem solving etc., and that there’s no time to just be? If so this class is for you! Through yoga we can learn to calm the mind, and to focus on and enjoy the present moment and, in turn, live a calmer and more peaceful life. We will use simple yoga pose sequences, where we will focus on breath and body awareness to achieve a calm and steady state. You will definitely leave this class feeling calmer than you did when you arrived. This class is suitable for all ages and abilities.

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Thurs 19.45–21.15 starts June 8th


Yoga for All

We are delighted to offer you another chance to reset your mind, body and soul batteries before the weekend with this classical hatha class on Friday mornings just after the children go to school.  If you need to feel calmer and ready for a mad weekend, join us!

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Fri 09:30 – 10:45



Hatha Flow Yoga

Feel calm, strong, connected. A moderately paced vinyasa practice in which we let go of expectations and dive into mindfulness and effort. We practice and deepen classical asanas and sun salutations designed to balance the body, increasing strength and flexibility along the way. Asana practice is followed by a short breathing meditation and relaxation.

Basic yoga experience is recommended. The yoga we practice in this class can be both calming and challenging!

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Wed 19:30-21:00


Yoga Prices

Classes are booked in five week blocks at £40. For those wishing to try a class, the one off price is £9. You can buy your passes here today.

You can buy a drop in pass for hatha classes here.

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