Children’s & Teen Yoga

Children’s Afterschool Yoga Class – From small seeds

From Small Seeds children’s yoga mixes traditional yoga postures with storytelling, games and lots of silly noises.

Blast off into space or explore the deepest jungles. Let the butterfly relaxation take you to magical lands of your own imagination.

Why yoga for children?

  • Helps concentration and focus
  • Improves posture and flexibility
  • Increases confidence
  • Supports positive communication
  • Enhances imagination and creative thinking
  • Feel calm, relaxed, happy and amazing!

Grown-ups take part in the class.



Growing Seeds

This children’s yoga class is aimed at slightly older children aged between 9-12 years old.  In this class we start to move towards an understanding of the body and breath and how the two combine to make yoga calming and mindful but still fun!  This is an excellent class for young folk transitioning to their teen years.

A from Small Seeds class pass is required for this class

Wed 16:40-17:30


Yoga for Teens Course

Teenagers, perhaps more than anyone, need to ease the everyday stresses and pressures of their lives so we are offering our teens course as a tool to help our younger yogi’s and yogini’s cope with all that the world throws at them. We’ll be using the classic fundamental of hatha yoga to give our teens coping mechanisms with their lives, bodies and minds with the aim of helping them grow in to happy yogi’s and yogini’s.


This is a course. You can buy your course pass here.

Wed 17:45-18:45 (5 week course starts 21 June)


Saturday Children’s Yoga

In this Saturday morning fun-filled session, children enjoy games and stories that teach them a range of yoga poses, breathing techniques and mindfulness exercises.

The postures build strength and improve coordination, the games promote positive body-awareness and creativity, and the stories spark healthy imaginations.

It all takes place in a nurturing, non-competitive environment with a gentle focus on kindness and gratitude, where the little yogis have a chance to slow their minds and channel their energy in a positive way.


A Saturday Children’s Yoga Class Pass is required for this class.

Sat 09:00-09:45 starts 10th June


Group Therapeutic Special Yoga Sessions For Caregivers and Children 

Therapeutic yoga sessions provide a nurturing environment where, for some, the smallest movement might represent a major milestone. In this relaxed space, we gently help each individual to explore their own potential, and celebrate each little step.

Most yoga sessions will include poses, breathing practices, chanting, mindfulness techniques and relaxation, but each session will be different. The activities are adapted to meet the child’s personal needs at that particular time on that particular day.

This holistic activity is enjoyed in a peaceful atmosphere that provides the time and space for children and caregivers to connect and be calm.


A pass is required for these sessions.

Fri 16:15-16:55, 5 week block start date 9th June

If you feel you are unable to afford this then please get in touch with us.