Better Practice Workshops

Better Vinyasas, Better Back Bends, Better Headstands, Better Practice


Everyone has to start somewhere with yoga and some may take shorter yoga journeys than others.

If you are a yogic traveller and feel that you want to start or improve your ‘nemesis’ yogic practices, or you just feel stuck in a yogic rut, this series of workshops may be for you.


Using the knowledge that I have acquired since I started practicing (some ago now!), I have created three workshops to help yogi’s better some of the stumbling blocks that they come across in class.


Vinyasas, Back Bends and Headstands!


I wanted to share these with you as I know how overcoming a personal challenge can bring so much happiness, joy and bring a sparkle back to your practice.


Over three Saturdays I am going to show you how to begin or refine your poses looking at strength, technique and where your body needs to move more to allow these poses to become easier.

The workshops are open to all level of practitioner, the only pre-requisite is an open mind and a sense of humour! I will be keeping class numbers small to ensure you get the most out of the workshop you choose to attend, so booking is essential.


Better Vinyasas

Have you started jumping backwards and forwards yet in your practice? Are vinyasas the bane of your life or do you just want to try to move on with your vinyasa?  Well, this workshop could be for you! 

Open to all, this workshop will focus on the areas we need to be stronger in to help us float and building strength in those places. We will also look at various techniques to assist us in building up our jumping backwards and forwards.

What have you got to lose but not improve your floating backwards and forwards!  Come alone or bring a friend but come join us!

Better Vinyasas – June 3rd


Better Back Bends

Did you back bend as a child and wonder where all your flexibility has gone or does the idea of back bending simply fill you with dread and you wish that you could use your yoga mat as an invisibility cloak when the teachers mentions them or it’s that time in the class?!

Mmm! This workshop is for you!  I am going to take you on a little journey around your body to look at ways to stretch, open and strengthen it and to make back bending possible.  Come and join me to start or refine your back bending journey!

Better Back Bends – June 24th


Better Headstands

Headstanding is not all that it seems and requires stamina, correct technique and patience to master.  Are you ready to give it a go or move your practice on?!

All are welcome to come and learn some new skills, technique and theory to help make the illusive headstand possible. 

If it’s your nemesis or you just want to have a go, come join us!  Come alone or bring a friend to cheer you along!

Better Headstands – July 29th


Dates & Times

BUY NOW Better Vinyasas – June 3rd

BUY NOW Better Back Bends – June 24th

BUY NOW Better Headstands – July 29th


All sessions are held at Yoga at the Reach on Eccelsall Road from 12-3pm and are £32.00