At Yoga at the Reach our teachers all share the same passion and love for yoga and the yogic lifestyle. Below is a bit about us all.

Nicola Harpin

Founder of Yoga at the Reach

Founder of Yoga at the Reach, Nicola began her yoga with a Barbara Currie DVD, with a desire to learn more she began to attend classes. She soon met Kamal Paul and Lesley Sheridan who mentored Nicola in Sivananda, Ashtanga, Hatha and Iyengar yoga. In 2005 Nicola undertook initial Ashtanga training with Brian Cooper and Nawajoyti of Union Yoga, Edinburgh to become a teacher. She continued her yoga training with the British Wheel of Yoga and become a qualified Hatha teacher in 2008. Having firmly got the yoga bug, Nicola continued her Ashtanga training with Kino MacGregor and Tim Feldmann at The Miami Life Centre. Having been blessed with two children, Nicola’s yoga journey lead her to train in pregnancy, baby, post natal, toddler, children’s yoga and yoga for healthy backs. In addition to this, Nicola is also qualified to teach pregnancy, infant massage and Thai yoga massage. Nicola previously taught in London and has been teaching in Sheffield for a number of years. “My students are my greatest inspiration and I am thankful to them for their continued enthusiasm.” Nicola Harpin

Amy Bartle

Amy’s yoga journey started in 1996. A job in magazine publishing in London with long hours and a demanding schedule led Amy to explore yoga for its health benefits, as well as using it to help with managing stress and busy city life. A student at Battersea Yoga, under Angus Ford Robertson, for several years, Amy sort out Nicola when she moved back up to Sheffield six years ago. After the birth of her son Noah in 2008 Amy explored her yoga teaching training and expanded her knowledge and experience with the British Wheel of Yoga Foundation course before completing her teacher training at the British School of Yoga in Devon. Amy is grounded in the traditions of Hatha yoga. Her teaching focuses on the union of breath, mind and body through traditional poses, a perfect practice for anyone needing to focus and relax from a demanding lifestyle. Amy’s classes include: pranayama (breath practice), meditation and balanced posture practice. Amy also incorporates aspects of yoga theory and philosophy to introduce the ideas of everyday mindfulness through regular yoga practice.

Anne Ledbetter

Anne completed her teacher training with Anne Marie Newland at Sun Power Yoga, in 2011. This awarded her with a CYQ level 3 yoga teacher certificate. In 2013 she undertook a further 12 months training to qualify as a seasonal yoga teacher, with Energy Yoga School. Anne’s classes combine the dynamic style of sun power yoga, beginning with breath work for mental focus, surya namaskar (sun salutations) to warm and energise, flow style asana sequences with a focus on the energy of the season, and quiet restorative postures to prepare for savasana – to complete the practice. “From the beginning I’ve had an open-minded approach and taken every opportunity to experience different traditions and styles of yoga practice. I’ve experienced classical Hatha, Sivananda, Iyengar, Jivamukti, Vinyasa and modern Dynamic Flow and was introduced to the Ashtanga Primary Series by Nicola in 2009.”

Caroline Skelton

Caroline first discovered yoga as a student in the 1980’s. Enjoying the physical challenge of the postures and the way yoga opens up self-awareness, Caroline went on to study and complete the BWY Diploma with Gillian Gee and Carolyn Clarke. Caroline’s class is designed to provide gentle exercise, stretching and relaxation, with an emphasis on breath and self awareness. Using a wide variety of postures to explore range of movement, and to work on strength and flexibility. Caroline’s teaching is strongly influences by the Satyananada (Bihar) School which encourages both an inclusive and holistic approach, making yoga relevant and accessible to all.

Debbie Sutherland

Debbie is a registered nurse, and Reiki practitioner, as well as a meditation and mindfulness teacher. She completed her nurse training in 2000, and has since worked full time as a specialist nurse in Derbyshire.
Whilst caring for patients with long-term conditions Debbie noticed that their negative thoughts about their health, and its impact on their life, often caused a lot stress and emotional upset. She discovered the benefits of mindfulness when she was exploring practical ways to help her patients cope, and improve their emotional wellbeing whilst living with a physical illness. She soon realised that mindful living can be beneficial for everyone (including herself) in reducing stress and anxiety, and developed a daily mindful meditation practice of her own.
Debbie has completed the Mindful Resilience Enhancement teacher training with Tim Duerden, and in 2014 completed both level 1 & 2 Reiki training to become a Reiki practitioner.
“Modern living tends to leave many of us in a near constant state of stress, often feeling overwhelmed. We tend to dwell on the negative aspects of our lives whilst the good times slip by unnoticed. When we are being mindful we are choosing to notice without judgement, what is going on right now. We are taking a step back to view the landscape of our mind rather than being lost in our thoughts (on auto pilot). Being mindful helps us to de-stress and respond more resourcefully to difficult situations and increase our enjoyment of the good times.”

Kate Irving

For Kate, teaching yoga is inseparable from her work with massage and therapeutic bodywork. She began massage and holistic therapies training in 2001 and continues to train with inspirational teachers in the fields of yoga, anatomy and physiology and hands-on treatment techniques subsequently qualifying as a Hatha yoga teacher (2008), Full Movement Method Practitioner (2008) and Sukshma Marma Therapist (2014). In 2010 Kate attended a workshop with Shakti Bhakti (Helen Barker, BWY Foundation and Diploma Course Tutor) who introduced her to the teachings of Mukunda Stiles. Sequences from his Structural Yoga Therapy and Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy form the backbone of Kate’s classes and she is inspired by the interplay between the structural/functional and the subtle/energetic. She divides her time between teaching classes and a busy massage practice in Sheffield and Wirksworth, Derbyshire.