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What is mantra and yantra?

Mantra is a powerful aspect of Yoga and Tantra. Mantras are sacred, potent words, which, when chanted with concentration and devotion, yield profound results in all aspects of our being. The chanting of mantras produces positive vibrations, bringing benefits to the one who chants as well as the one who listens. Mantras are often used in conjunction with Yantras and Mandalas.

A Yantra is the visual form of mantra, consisting of geometrical shapes and figures. It is a particularly powerful form of mandala and used as a tool for meditation.

We will begin with the chanting of Mahamritjunjaya Mantra – used for healing and well-being and traditionally chanted in Ashrams all over the world on Fridays /Saturdays 108 x (we will do 27x). Then you can experience the uplifting energy of Kirtan and a relaxing Yoga Nidra. There will also be a chance to talk about the art of creating Mandalas and Yantras as a way to develop concentration. Spaces will be limited for this evening so please book now!